Butterflies have always been mesmerizing creatures for me at every sight all my life. Their wings, colors, how they fly and their grace...

So much so that the first tattoo I had at age 17 was a butterfly.

Designing jewelry is a challenging process, because something untried, untreated is almost non-existent, including butterflies. For sure, you have seen various butterflies designed as jewelry and accessories. So have I, but there have been only a few that I found impressing. When I was embarking on my design journey, I had to start by imaging my own butterfly because I was targeting to leave a story of my own and if that was going to be my butterfly, it had to be just like me. It had to embody all dualities.

Just like butterflies, I am also known to be fond of the number two. Initially I was not aware of having such a fondness which I discovered around the time I figured out dualities in life, that is contrasts, similarities, synonyms, and many concepts such as justice, balance, even transformation can only complete life. I am a Gemini which is a fun detail beside the point.

The hidden sides of the wings of the butterflies which can sometimes be covered with astonishingly admirable colors and designs while the amazing colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset united with the pleasure given by clouds with one side turned to the sun and the other to the earth, all presented me with an unlimited imagination to create my form followed by my designs.

I wanted to add to my collection my choices from a forgotten but in my opinion a very valuable Ottoman design I inherited from my family as HAREM series. Journey of a jewelry that can continue from hand to hand for years has always felt like a value reflecting life and experiences.

The most important part of my job that I have been engaged in for years is actually telling stories. We blend our souls and bodies with our ideas and use them as an instrument or as a means to tell stories.

Now I hope that my designs will carry my stories to you.