I believe it is devine intervention that human body is not created or equipped to survive in the deep see.  We are so powerless in the magical deep sea where the secrets of life is hidden.  Humankind may have invented planes flying faster than birds but will never match the agile movements of a sparrow in the sky.  We may have created boats speeding faster or submarines diving deeper than many marine life forms but we will never be as quick as a snapper swimming the sea bed, or hold our breath with the patience of a sea shell.
I wanted to share the concepts, wishes and perspectives that are essential to life as water, through the language of sea shells that hold their secrets and admirable pearls inside with endless patience, sometimes personalizing them and sometimes choosing them as envoy to convey my story.
Each one real sculptures in limited numbers in independent form.  Reaching perfection through their own unique flows, I feel their beauty is eye catching.  Who knows, when wearing them you will carry their stories and maybe your own reflection bodied in their form with you.
The stones I have chosen for the collection are natural stones carrying ancient and deep meanings.  They carry their stories as well as the layers of mother earth within their bodies.  
Duality is again my absolute must
I wish my blue woman coming from the my deep seas and her stories to bring you miracles.
With love,