The Story of the Collection

At the beginning of our story, some of you will remember,
my starting point was
“the attempt at being permanent is mostly human’s rebellion against extinction.”
In this context, this time for my new collection I would like to make a long journey in the history. And I decided to pin the start with the
“ANCIENT EGYPT”.  And I inspired by the way how ancient Egyptians approached the human spirit, their beliefs, the most famous gods & goddesses and their significant figures and symbols.
The complex religion that prevailed during the almost three thousand years of the Ancient Egyptian Empire considered that the human soul was composed of nine separate parts, which together made up an individual.
To the ancient Egyptians, the soul was of great importance, and their detailed description of the human soul proves that one of the most sophisticated ancient civilizations on Earth developed an extremely interesting concept that explains the human soul, unlike any other culture around the globe.
According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the human soul was made of nine main parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Shuyet, the Jb, the Akh, the Sahu, the Khat and the Sechem.
Eight of these were immortal and passed into the afterlife and the ninth was the physical body which was left behind. The parts all had their own unique functions, and by analysing these it is possible to understand more about what the ancient Egyptians believed. And how they rebelled against the years that followed them.
To the eternity…